Come What May

Basic Hooks First adventures

Marla of the Church of Pelor contacted Anna Loralove Oaklord Cleric Avenger [Invoker] of Pelor about Kalarel may be setting up a death cult near Winterhaven. Marla begs Anna to recruit allies to see if Kalarel is setting about such a cult and if so to stamp it out. Quest XP:2000XP + 250 gp for proof that a cult was destroyed. p.

Also, a scholar named Parle Cranewing asks Anna to locate the old keep and map what remains of it, promising to pay 250 gp for a complete rendering. Quest XP: 1,750 XP and 250 gp for delivering a complete map to the scholar Parle Cranewing.p.

Douven, a rabid explorer of old ruins, had found a map that revealed the location of a dragon’s tomb not far from the village. He figured if a dragon was buried there, why not also its hoard? The explorer should have returned some time ago, and his continuing absence bodes ill. Douven Staul’s wife asks Anna to PCs to locate her missing husband. Quest XP: 1,250 XP for discovering Douven’s fate.p.

Meanwhile, a mage at a local college has given Aelar Eldak Stalkingwolf a contact who is familiar with the graveyard near Col Fen and a contract for 100 gp for the delivery of two disinterred bodies (not more than two, and no bodies gained by depriving the living of their lives). When the PCs arrive to meet their contact in Col Fen, a fellow named Veran Tal, they are told Veran is missing, and Mara Kres, the headwoman of the village, and explains to Aelar that undead have suddenly started troubling the people of the village.p. When the adventurers talk to Mara Kres she says: “A week ago a young woman named Rysa Gosen vanished from her home during the night. The next evening, a pair of zombies set upon a young man named Quen Laren who was working late in his fields. Quen Laren was badly hurt, but he escaped to tell of the attack. Two days ago, a family vanished from its home late one night. The house showed evidence of a serious struggle. Marks in the dirt indicated several objects were dragged from the house toward the village graveyard. We searched the graveyard, and the walking dead attacked us!”p. She continues “We fled. Can you put to rest the undead in our graveyard and rescue our missing friends?”p. Mara Kres tells the Aelar that the family that vanished consists of Kyla Tal, her husband Veran Tal, their child Lyse, and Kyla’s elderly father Holt Nas. The villagers warn the Aelar about visiting the graveyard after dark and strongly recommend they enter it only in the daytime.p.

While briefly in jail, Ulmo Lazam Brushranger learns of the troubles in Fallcrest. Ulmo hears about the loss of the wagon and the dragon hide and supposes that if he might approach Teldorthan to see if there’s a reward for its return. Teldorthan Ironhews, the dwarf armorer wants help getting his dragon hide back. Among the cargo in the stolen wagon was a cured green dragon hide destined for Teldorthan’s shop. The dwarf intends to turn the hide into a fine suit of scale armor. Teldorthan hires the adventurers to enter the kobold lair and get back his dragon hide. If they succeed, he gives them 200 gp. *XP Quest XP: 500 for recovering the dragon hide and returning it to Teldorthan Ironhews.p.

The Lord Warden of Fallcrest has had enough of kobold raids along the old King’s Road. The Lord Warden specifically seeks out the adventurers to ask them to undertake this work, he readily offers them a bounty for clearing out Kobold Hall. The Lord Warden promises a bounty of 10 gp for each dispatched kobold and an additional 100 gp if the PCs bring proof that the ruins have been cleared out, such as the bone mask worn by the kobold leader. Quest XP: 750 XP for bringing the wyrmpriest’s bone mask to the Lord Warden as proof of the demise of the kobold threat.p.

Nimozaran the Green, High Septarch of Fallcrest, believes that something more terrible and dangerous is behind the kobold attacks. They seem too organized and too aggressive, compared to other kobolds the old wizard has dealt with in the past. He seeks adventurers who are willing to enter the creatures’ lair to discover the secret of Kobold Hall. He offers them the use of his tower’s teleportation circle if they accept the quest. Quest XP: 500 XP for bringing back news of the presence of a white dragon in the ruins to Nimozaran.p.

Sindri Jamdak Tallcrippler was approached by a young half-elf named Aldren with a job. Aldren’s father was a powerful and old elf wizard by the name of Maraj Silverthorn, who died of natural causes some weeks ago. Aldren was on his way to his father’s tower to claim his belongings when he was set upon by bandits who had already moved into the tower. Aldren offers Sindri and his allies 200 gp for spectacles and a bonus 200 gp for ridding the tower of raiders. The Tower is near Gardmore Abbey.p.

Aramil Belkas Duskwalker has heard of trouble in a Harkenwold, the disappearance of Kavalar Coppernight, asked by the mayor to find out what happened to two militia members, and to rid them of goblins and Orcs and whatever else may lurk there.p.

Kavalar Coppernight, a dwarf prospector, led a couple of dozen volunteers in a quest for rich veins of ore. Several months ago, they began underground mining operations, as well as a surface excavation of a small keep. Hearing of this development, the mayor of the Harkenwold sent two veteran militia members to investigate. They should have returned two days ago, and the mayor is growing anxious.p.

As it turned out, shortly after the soldiers set off, a young purple or deep dragon and her kobold followers struck the building site. The assault against the dwarven enterprise was difficult and costly, but ultimately successful. The majority of the dwarf miners, builders, and guards perished defending their new home. Only a few dwarves were taken prisoner. Since then, the dragon has holed up in the newly constructed chambers, hoping to recruit more kobolds from a nearby tribe to join her forces. After gathering more cannon fodder, the dragon plans to use Coppernight Hold as a launching point for further attacks.p.

Ages ago, the broken tower stood as a bastion against banditry and marauders. But civilization has long since retreated from this area, and a band of goblin thieves has taken up residence in the ruined tower. Local woodsfolk beg the Aramil to rid the place of the bandits before they are victimized again by the goblins of the Broken Tower.p.

A force of orcs has taken over a lower parts of the small hilltop keep. Aramil is re engaged by the local lord to rid his home of the intruders. Fortunately for the adventurers, the keep’s main doors are still damaged from when the orcs took possession, and entry is relatively easy. Unfortunately, the orcs are determined to stay.p.

Beneath this is the lair of Dopplegangers. the Dopplegangers are similar to PCs but more Extreme. p.

Travok Mardak Samulkin hears of work in Hammerfist starting with work on a caravan. This quest is a great way to introduce adventurers to Hammerfast. Travok receives a commission from Gillwik Goldspinner. Marsinda Goldspinner’s son. to escort a wagon of trade goods to Hammerfast. Thcy can meet Galwik anywhere in the Nentir Vale.p.

When the caravan enters the Dawnforge Mountains, it comes under attack from a gang of bandits led by Serlek Undertow, Carthain’s lieutenant. A kenku uses his mimicry ability to lure the guards away from the caravan by ruses. such as posing as an injured traveler. Meanwhile human bandits and halfling thieves sneak into the caravan to grab the jars of hydra’s blood carried among the goods, while others attempt to kidnap Galwik.p.

Galwik’s Caravan carries several jars of hydra blood, a key ingredient in healing potions as well as all important part of Thar’s rirual to heal and awaken Calastryx. Galwik brags about the profit he’ll make from the blood, and thc bandits seem to know the blood is aboard the wagons. They specifically try to grab it before fleeing.p.

When the adventurers arrive in town, they have their first encounter with the Circle of Stone in the Gate Market (location 5), where Grond is delivering a speech railing against nondwarves in town. The adventurers see that Grond has some support in town, but the town guard arrives in time to escort Grond away and prevent a riot. Minor Quest: If the adventurers prevent the theft, they earn 125 XP. Galwik and his family are impressed with their bravery, and so might contact thcm in the future with more work.p.

They all meet at the Come What May Tavern [a docked ship actually].p.


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