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Decided not to keep renaming everything. A few House Rules are in place.

House Rules.

1. Adventures take place on three moons orbiting a gas giant. The starting world resembles the Forgotten Realms, while another resembles Eberron and the third resembles Dark Sun. There exist portals between these worlds and DM will supply to players (to find).

2. Halflings speak an additional spoken language called Eladi that is written in various scripts from tribe to village to whatever.

3. Halfelf – plural Halfelves are distinct from human and elf. They are native to the Feywild in origin. They speak Elven. r +12 4. Halforc are distinct from Human and Orc.

5. All parties must have a small member.

6. All parties must have a member of fey origin.

7. Leveling up is done only during an extended rest.

8. Besides passive Perception and Insight, charcters have Passive Arcana, Passive Religion, Passive History, Passive Dungeoneering, Passive Nature, Passive Stealth, Passive Streetwise, etc. upon encountering anything that passive check would reveal that character just knows it. Same character may attempt a full check to refine info.

9.Runepriest get +2 bonus to all checks involving Runes. Dwarves also get +2 bonus and those speaking dwarven get +1. Dwarven Runepriest get +4 bonus.

10. playing starts one a plane of existence and some are altered as follows: a. normal unchanged not adherring to any campaign b. Forgotten Realms. c. the Feywild (normally) d. An Eberron type world e. a dark sun World with these changes: 1.Gods have reemerged slowly and divine classes are allowed but may be viewed as deviants. 2. gnomes, devas, etc are viewed as bizarre. f. the shadowfell g. the elemental Chaos h. the astral sea

11. characters are only legal if designed in character builder. until it is updated those elements may as well be wisps of smoke.

There is the Come What May Adventuring Team and Mounted Villains as well as some Special Villains.

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